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So many Kyoryuncles

In this 'verse!

Amy had got so nervous when she first found out about it. It wasn't all that surprising given how many times she and Ucchii had had sex without any kind of protection -something that, in hindsight, she should've noticed. But her mind wasn't in the right place to realize the relation between cause and consequence. Actually, it rarely was, something that Gentle kept telling her over and over. To be honest, every time something happened, she promised she'd do her best to pay more attention the next time, that she'd be more mindful at the moment. It didn't always work. Like this time. Although in her defense, Ucchii didn't mention anything regarding protection when they met at the love hotel. (And in his defense, between 400 years of being out of the loop regarding these things and how hopeless he was about women, he probably didn't even know what he was doing until they did it.)

The first images in her mind were of her running away from home, traveling the country on her own carrying the baby on her back. And all to avoid facing Gentle, never mind her parents. They still didn't have a date to come back to Japan, and she didn't want to interrupt their trip just because of this. However, once she could see through that initial panic, the next she felt was tenderness and love. She loved the man she'd made this baby with, and as she thought that she realized how much she wanted to keep it regardless of whatever anyone could say. Thus, she came out from the clinic with the resolve of him being the first one to find out, and then she could start figuring out the rest.

It turned out the news made Ucchii beyond ecstatic. He cried a lot and insisted that he wanted the baby, to be part of its life. Of their life. He'd professed his love for Amy several times as well. As soon as he said that, Amy realized that she felt less alone regarding this adventure. Weird. She didn't even know she felt that way. It was probably for the better, though.

Now, it was only a matter to tell Gentle. And the rest of the team. And then probably her parents. Maybe. In a far away future. When the child was graduating high school.

She decided to start by the less scary of those options and handle it herself. Ucchii would get too nervous if he tried to do it himself. Amy loved him dearly, but the poor guy needed an emotional break right now.

Amy sent a batch of texts to everyone but Ucchii to meet early in the morning in the main room of the Spirit Base. Right on time, she showed up with her fists closed in two tight balls and her face set in fierce determination. She trusted her teammates. They were great people, Brave and loyal. She didn't have anything to fear from them; they were her family (even more than her real family). And they were already there, waiting for her to arrive. All of them. King, Ian, Nossan, Souji, Torin.

I have something very important to tell you, she'd said. Please, be punctual.

Therefore, they were incredibly curious, staring intently at her. Amy got stage fright. That didn't happen to her often, specially not with her friends. She'd actually rehearsed this in her head all night. She would start by thanking them for being there for her, and not only this once, but whenever she needed them. And yet, as soon as she opened her mouth, the words that came from it were, "I'm pregnant."

See? This is why she never bothered to plan anything.

The next sound coming from anyone in the room was a very loud, "Congratulations!" by King who sprang from his seat to hug her.

Nosssan followed to put a hand on her shoulder, and then she felt Torin's heavy hand patting her head.

"What wonderful news," their mentor said. He sounded as happy and encouraging as King's hug was.

"Thank you, everyone," she said, feeling so moved she was on the verge of tears. This was new as well. She was spending too much time with Ucchii.

"No one is going to ask who the father is?" Ian asked. He and Souji were standing nearby, looking more confused than the rest. And, in Souji's case, entirely perplexed, as if he couldn't believe something like this would ever happen in his lifetime.

"Isn't it obvious?" King asked, beaming. But by the faces of the other two, it wasn't.

"Besides, Amy's feelings are the most important," Nossan sentenced. "Her jubilation will set the guidelines of our reaction." Despite the old-man joke, there was a seriousness in his voice that made even Ian grimace.

She giggled and began to tell them that yes, she was happy about this when Ucchii appeared, unannounced, carrying a box of treats.

"Good morning," he said, his face a fountain of light. "Isn't this a most wonderful day?"

"Ucchii! Congratulations to you too!" King exclaimed and tried to hug him the same way he'd done with Amy, but even he wasn't fast enough.

Before anyone could react, Ian and Souji had grabbed Ucchii by the shoulders and pushed him toward one of the rooms in the back.

"We need to talk," Souji said, more serious than usual.

"Ian-dono? Souji-dono?" Ucchii murmured in confusion, looking first at those two "What is going on?"

"I told them," Amy said, as she followed them, with the rest of the group at her heels, trying to decide if she should free him.

"You two, don't be too harsh with him," King said.

Oh. She probably should.

This was going to be a ride. A fun and very Brave ride.